Hospital Unimed Litoral – Inpatient and Intensive Care Unit

Idein Arquitetura designed an expansion for Hospital Unimed Litoral, focusing on neuroscience in architecture to enhance well-being, with attention to technical-logistical support and human-centered spaces.

  • area / size 15,069 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Type Hospital,
  • Five years after handing over the work on Hospital Unimed Litoral, a highly complex project located in Balneário Camboriú (SC), the Idein Arquitetura office was called in again, this time to carry out an expansion of the space. The time was a pandemic, and the need for more beds was a reality in most of the country’s health centers.

    The expansion took place in an area that was for technical-logistical support. The floor was compatible in terms of ceiling height and, therefore, sufficient for the installation of the necessary infrastructure, both air conditioning, electrical and even opening windows for natural lighting.

    The focus of this project was the study of neuroscience applied to architecture, placing the human being as the main focus and seeking to improve the performance and well-being of environments.

    There are several studies supported by neuroscience that show that environments can impact the life, health and well-being of all those who use the hospital, whether they are companions, patients or healthcare professionals. The biggest difference of the project was going beyond the norm, thinking differently and delighting people. Bringing a more cognitive architecture, where I signify space, and a sensorial architecture, where I explore the senses and provoke sensations.

    Photography: Debora Ester