Spinal Clinic

C.Kairouz Architects designed The Spinal Clinic in Melbourne, focusing on a contemporary wellness space with a large curved wall, warm lighting, oak timber, and soothing elements for patient comfort.

  • Completed 2022
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Type Clinic,
  • The Spinal Clinic is a contemporary wellness space fitout designed for a specialized medical practitioner. Due to its small size, the project required thoughtful space utilization, leading to a design theme centered around the large, semi-opaque curved wall. The use of warm lighting, oak timber, and rich boucle fibers create a welcoming environment that feels more like a city escape than a typical waiting room. The custom oak sliding doorway creates a smooth transition between zones, with translucent glass panels adding a layer of privacy. The fit-out also included the integration of low-maintenance indoor landscaping and custom-built seating. Thoughtful elements like built-in seating and recessed LED lighting enhance the tranquil ambiance. The natural tones of cabinetry, seating and desks build the clinic’s distinct soothing and therapeutic atmosphere. Patient comfort and privacy are paramount, creating an oasis-like setting in the city location.

    Design: C.Kairouz Architects
    Photography: Dylan James