Wattanosoth Hospital – Medical Oncology Center

MADA design factory created a nature-inspired, customer-centric design for a medical oncology center at Wattanosoth Hospital in Bangkok, incorporating organic shapes, natural materials, and a gallery-like concept.

  • area / size 14,693 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Architectural and Interior design firm MADA design factory was invited to design new medical oncology center at Wattanosoth hospital / Bangkok Hospital Campus in Bangkok.

    The design fully considers users’ experience, behavior and re-programming functional and operation to response customer pain point by using customer centric as key conduction for space planning.

    We propose a concept of interior space which inspire from nature, zen theory and art, using natural textures material, conceptual interior frame and lighting to create an interior space from entrance, waiting area thru examination room. Customer be able to sense it then realize and reflect to their life.

    Organic shape and from are introduced to ceiling and floor from the entrance area with floating nurse station counter. Natural and warm tone color be spread to all area with accent the pattern of barrisol illuminate light box. We would like to create an outdoor sense a long with corridor also it can resolve the problem of mechanical and electrical work above ceiling.

    Neutral palette at corridor with contrast of architrave be created as a interior frame to dominate a space reflect to the concept “a gallery of nature”.

    Simple and comfortable of Furniture are the aspect that we propose to the area.

    Design: MADA design factory
    Design Team: Ananchai Jirawiwattanan, Nisachol Loetritsirikul, Thanaporn Reogkwanyongmee
    Photography: Warin Bunyaprasit