Estee Clinic

BALCONY studio in Dubai designed Estee Clinic with a minimalist natural style, featuring microcement for seamless floors and walls, custom furniture, and a green accent, emphasizing the clinic’s philosophy.

  • area / size 3,229 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Type Clinic,
  • The layout was agreed by the local authorities: 8 cabinets, 1 common area, a manager’s office, bathrooms and other small but necessary premises have been created.

    The designer wanted to make the guests and employees feel the air of this space and make it as ergonomic as possible for them. She wanted to emphasize the philosophy of the clinic. It was a pleasure because the designer is a fan of monochrome and such a minimalist natural style. It is actually very interesting task in my opinion, to make the interior complete and make it speaking through different materials, textures and colors.

    Microcement on the floor and walls is probably the most successful solution that can be for large spaces! Due to the absence of seams, the floor and walls look like a single canvas, and are an ideal base for creating a design. Natural veneer and stone were also used, which helped create a visually rich interior. If we are talking about the entrance area, then everything is very monochrome there, but in the cabinets, on the contrary, we chose a very active stone pattern to add an accent. The customers’ wish was to add a little muted green tint, since their pages on social networks are designed with this color and it is their signature color. That is why we have cozy green chairs in the common area.

    All the furniture is custom made. It was very difficult to find the same sofa and exactly the right chairs in the right shade. Side tables also needed an unusual shape and be made of the same material as the rest of the built-in furniture. The “showcase” with the products turned out to be very stylish.

    The solution of the corridor system worth to be noted. Since there are quite a lot of cabinets and doors, the designer wanted to leave the space clean and stylish. Therefore, hidden doors were used in the project and a dome suspended ceiling system was invented – this is an excellent solution for such a complex corridor.

    Design: BALCONY studio
    Lead Designer: Darya Zheltukha
    Photography: Nick Rudenko