Healing Space of Essence, One’s Clinic

One’s Clinic by 100A associates in Seoul focuses on creating a meditative healing environment through abstract design elements, emphasizing balance and tranquility for patient-centered care.

  • area / size 4,568 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • Understanding what transcends external treatments and penetrates the essence of healing is crucial in the art of medicine. Healing implies not just a return to a previous state of wholeness but also growth towards an improved state, embracing physical, inner, and spiritual balance. This signifies that the true purpose of medicine is to understand the individual behind the symptoms. One’s Clinic, aiming to approach the essence of healing through communication with patients, is a family clinic that adopts the philosophy of a primary care physician who manages lifestyle beyond illness, enabling self-healing. Starting with the primary care physician’s desire to treat everyone who visits with great care, they aimed to capture the identity of One’s Clinic within the space, connecting it to their thoughts on the true purpose of treatment through the purity of healing.

    We hoped to express a meditative atmosphere inherent within a simple space by focusing on the expression of abstract thought and original flatness. This was desired through visual restraint, allowing users to experience essential healing in tranquility and its purity. Abstract conveys more than concrete forms. Upon entering, one is greeted with a corridor where columns stretch endlessly, illuminated by reflections. This immersion guides one into the healing space, facing a three-dimensional background painted in the colors of balance amidst a gentle depth. This simplicity and solidity guide the patient towards emptiness, offering a sanctuary of void. The space constructed for face-to-face encounters with this void accentuates with a textured background, engaging with patients through a chromatic emotion. The colors of balance flowing throughout signify a peaceful haven in daily life, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside as one moves through the space, transitioning via furniture or walls, playing a role in immersion. Descending along a spiral staircase, one faces a dimly lit corridor with unclear beginnings and ends. Beyond, the gap space abstracts the essential purity of a transitional space in its purest form, immersing into healing with tranquility. Horizontal lines stretching low and delicate vertical metal axes aim to engrave their formality in the space beyond their function.

    In planning the space, we wanted to move beyond a mere therapeutic environment, allowing users to immerse themselves in their body and inner self to recognize the essence of healing. Like the comforting expression of a painting by a certain artist, we hope for the well-being of all those who pass through this space.

    Design: 100A associates
    Photography: Jae-yoon Kim