Dentibela Dental Clinic

VITALE designed Dentibela Dental Clinic in Spain, focusing on humanizing dentistry, creating emotional bonds, reducing anxiety, and enhancing functionality for patient well-being.

  • area / size 2,153 sqft
  • Completed 2024
  • Location Castellón, Spain,
  • “To Humanize Dentistry”, to normalize dental visits, to humanize the experience, to create emotional bonds with the patient, and to mitigate anxiety and stress. This is the brand idea that Vitale emphasizes as the starting point of the interior design project for Dentibela, the dental clinic of Drs. Beltrán and Muñoz.

    It is an interdisciplinary clinic with over 15 years of experience in the sector, relocating to a new 200 m² space. The project marks the beginning of a new stage that strengthens the positioning and showcases the clinic’s philosophy, which advocates for minimally invasive dentistry that prioritizes self-esteem, well-being, functionality, and the patient’s quality of life. It also serves as an opportunity to communicate patient care and protocols, so everything has a purpose, a reason, and a goal: the design immerses the patient in a space that enhances functionality, listening, calmness, and protection.

    Vitale designs an immersive space of tranquility and calmness that induces the patient into a peaceful state of mind. An inspiring environment with a natural and feminine soul that offers a consistently positive multisensory experience that motivates and involves patients. From this perspective, a creative axis is generated that highlights the idea of “home”, conceptualizing “the Dentibela house”. A space with positive emotional qualities: comfortable, welcoming, and familiar, where one can connect with tranquility, harmony, and trust.

    Design: VITALE
    Branding: Ignota
    Architecture and Integral Management Project: Sanmiguel Architecture
    Contractor: AT4
    Photography: Santiago Martín, Hilke Sievers