Metrodora Institute

HGA and Denton House designed Metrodora Institute, the first integrated medical center for neuroimmune axis disorders, combining innovative research labs and comprehensive patient care facilities in Salt Lake City.

  • area / size 60,000 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Metrodora Institute, a state-of-the-art medical and research center in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the first integrated multidisciplinary clinic in the United States, dedicated to advancing care and accelerating the path to improved diagnostics, therapeutics, and cures for those with neuroimmune axis disorders.

    Neuroimmune axis disorders are complicated chronic illnesses that cause dysfunctional interactions across body systems including immune, nervous, endocrine, and gastrointestinal systems. Metrodora’s goal is for medical specialists to collaborate and apply scientific research and discovery directly to the patient care process in one facility.

    Patients living with neuroimmune axis disorders typically face long diagnostic journeys. Metrodora will help mitigate this ordeal by offering multiple medical specialties in one facility. This will allow patients to receive more comprehensive testing to advance treatments, while helping to discover cures more quickly. Focused on the whole body, Metrodora provides neurology, immunology, and gastroenterology care with genetics, pain management, comprehensive rehabilitation programs, nutritional and neurocognitive therapies addressing patients’ care needs.

    Surrounded by expansive mountain views, the center spans 60,000 square feet and occupies two floors within a multiuse office building. Three care centers occupy the facility, including The Center for Multidisciplinary Medicine, which offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests and services, and the Center for Advanced Interventions, which serves as an ambulatory surgery center specializing in gastrointestinal procedures, vascular studies, and pain therapies. Additionally, the Center for Health Creation provides dedicated research labs alongside cutting-edge neurorehabilitation programs integrating various therapies such as physical, occupational, speech, cognitive, respiratory, and nutritional.

    HGA designed the ambulatory surgery center located on two floors of the clinic. The firm also designed Metrodora’s workspaces, innovative research and pathology laboratories which will allow clinicians and scientists to work collaboratively and simultaneously on patient cases.

    HGA’s project partner, Denton House, a locally based design and architecture firm focused on creating extraordinary guest experiences, was responsible for the interior design and served as the architect-of-record. Denton House designed a welcoming, amenity-rich setting, that transformed the healthcare experience into a comfortable, wellness hospitality space.

    Design: HGA and Denton House
    Architect: HGA and Denton House
    Interior Design: Denton House
    Construction Manager: Wasatch Commercial
    General Contractor: Layton Construction
    Photography: Kendall McCaugherty | Hall + Merrick + McCaugherty Photographers