Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

Studio Nine Architects redesigned Adelaide Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’s spaces with a patient-focused approach, creating a welcoming atmosphere through thoughtful design choices, high-quality materials, and careful planning for functional efficiency.

Studio Nine Architects have delivered the interior fitout of Adelaide Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’s Level 1 consulting space and comprehensive refurbishment of the ground floor day surgery procedure centre.

Reflecting the studio’s commitment to delivering sophisticated, patient-focused healthcare environments, the project emphasises softness and prioritises patient wellbeing. The design approach eliminates customary clinical impressions, creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

The brief from the outset was to provide a de-institutionalised, office-based medical space. By selecting high-quality materials that offer luxurious aesthetics without the premium cost, the outcome is more in line with a professional office setting.

The consulting rooms feature modern furnishings, warm lighting and thoughtful décor, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for patients and staff. The soothing biophilic colour palette and natural lighting aim to reduce patient anxiety.

The ground floor has been redesigned to optimise functionality, NSQHS compliance and comfort. The layout was carefully planned to facilitate smooth patient flow and efficient staff operations, while meeting the stringent licensing requirements of SA Health’s Health Licensing Unit (HLU). The design integrates advanced CSSD sterilisation equipment to support compliance with AS5369:2023 and RMD processing pathways.

Strategic material selection achieves a high-end finish while aligning with budget considerations. Features such as wallpaper surfaces that mimic natural timber, LED lighting for an upscale ambiance, and carefully chosen furniture pieces contribute to the overall premium feel.

The client desired a modern, functional, and inviting space conducive to high-quality patient care. Adhering to stringent health and safety standards, the studio worked diligently to ensure the refurbishment exceeded client expectations. Through close collaboration and a detailed understanding of their needs, they delivered a facility that not only surpassed client expectations but remained on time and aligned with budget considerations.

Completed in 10 months, the project required meticulous planning and coordination with the project team to minimise disruptions to ongoing medical services, showcasing the studio’s expertise in delivering high-quality healthcare facilities.

Design: Studio Nine Architects
Photography: courtesy of Studio Nine Architects