Dentologie Streeterville

  • area / size 3,675 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • BOX Studios was tasked with the design for Dentologie’s new Streeterville location in Chicago, Illinois.

    Modern, clean and comfortable is the new Streeterville location of Dentologie in Chicago. The practice – owned by three equally passionate doctors – contracted BOX Studios to create a strong design reflective of their big personalities. The end result is a striking space that welcomes clients with a sense of appreciation and value for their health, as well as for their business.

    A charismatic contrast between warm wood finishes, stone-look materials, and a monochromatic black, white, and grey palette demonstrates Dentologie’s understanding of many people’s discomfort with a visit to the dentist. BOX’s final design conveys a gentle juxtaposition between luxurious professionalism and a relaxing sense of wellbeing.

    Adjacent to a bold black soffit, a wood slat ceiling system contrasts gently. Smooth white countertops and surfaces float charmingly against softer, warmer elements. In the waiting room, patients feel at home with a comfy coffee table, fresh flowers and abundant furniture pieces.

    Taking advantage of the space’s height, the design exaggerates the grandiose impact of lofty ceilings – a feeling not generally experienced in medical offices. Greeted with 16’ ceilings and large halo-shaped light fixtures at the entry, clients immediately devour a sharp hospitality feel. Tall, tinted grey glass panes between patient rooms allow for light transfer while still providing room-to-room privacy. These partitions are framed with stark black anodized aluminum, further amplifying the office’s lush presence.

    ArchitectBOX Studios
    Contractor: Andrews Construction Inc.
    PhotographyJames John Jetel