Belle-Epoque, Clinique Bohler Maternity Unit

  • area / size 9,149 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • dagli atelier d’ architecture was engaged by Clinique Bohler to design the Belle-Epoque Maternity Unit located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

    The Kirchberg Hospital and the Clinique Bohler plan to build a new extension. For the maternity on the 3rd floor, the Clinique Bohler organized a limited competition. Dagli atelier d’architecture was selected for their “Belle-Epoque” conception.

    The concept of dagli atelier d’architecture proposes a “Maison Médicale” inspired by the spirit of a Grand Hotel with the sensuality of the “Belle Epoque”. This scheme is used, discarded and reinterpreted, just as the Grand Hotels did with the European palace architecture.

    The SALON as a central space of encounters: Seeing and Being Seen – Unusual for a hospital, the rooms are not arranged along one or several corridors. Instead, they form a “SALON” in their middle, a space shared area that reflects the atmosphere of a lofty lobby of a Grand Hotel.

    GRADIENTS as stylistic means: blending hard edges – The GRADIENTS are a result of intense research on architectural theory, especially Schinkel and the epochs of neo-classicism and gothic. A recurring future that is used throughout all epochs is the creation of depth through arrangement and offset of different layers, i.e. doors of gothic cathedrals. This design pattern is used to design the interior spaces in order to create soft and subtle transitions and to accentuate spaces. The GRADIENTS are an expression to depart from the purity of minimalism.

    Minimalism, OFF-WHITE, functionality – The organization of the rooms follows the principle of “Healthcare Hospitality” with the practice of “rooming in”: mom and dad share the same room and have the opportunity to stay together with their baby. The rooms offer the same functions as a hotel suite, such as a dressing room, a kitchenette, a dining area, and a cozy “living-room” for the relaxation of both. The rooms are designed in OFF-WHITE as a neutral warm color with a touch of gold.

    Architectdagli atelier d’ architecture
    Photography: Felix Krumbholz