Mannering Dental

  • area / size 1,502 sqft
  • Completed 2015
  • BOX Studios designed the clinic for Mannering Dental located in Chicago, Illinois.

    Dr. Margie Mannering is a different kind of dentist. Inspired by clean, elegant lines that are reminiscent of classy art galleries, Dr. Mannering refers to her practice as a Dental Studio – as opposed to an office. Her vision of a contemporary space that changes the way people think about dental practices was brought to life with BOX Studios’ fresh museum-like renovation.

    Keeping in mind Dr. Mannering’s keen eye for architecture and simple form, BOX delivered a minimalistic space of monochromatic colors and artistic details. Bright white and translucent vertical surfaces are luxuriously anchored by dark ceilings and floors, creating a sophisticated gallery feel. A substantial use of glass features throughout brings drama and personality to the open space.

    An open floor plan for the reception area mixes with semi-private exam rooms, maximizing the flow of natural light through the space. Maintaining an open feel in the relatively small space was challenging, but the result of BOX’s design is a fully-functional and spacious environment. The stylish yet versatile design accommodates all necessary professional and medical tasks, while providing a positive and calm experience for the doctor and her patients.

    ArchitectBOX Studios
    Photography: James John Jetel