The Burnham Family Memory Care Residence at Avery Heights

  • area / size 10,000 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Type Senior Care,
  • Amenta Emma Architects completed the design for Avery Heights’ Burnham Family Memory Care Residence located in Hartford, Connecticut.

    Avery Heights is a 45-acre Life-Plan Community, but its 26-year-old facilities had no space or services for an increasing population of residents suffering from dementia. The renovation of a 10,000 sf independent living apartment wing now provides a secure memory care environment for a population previously closed off to opportunity and allowing them to be in an active, engaging living space. The new facility accommodates 20 apartments in a “small-house” concept, with active areas and quiet zones, a large outdoor living space and a secure garden with walking path. Non-glare lighting and dimmer switches contribute to resident well-being, including a reset of circadian rhythms so that they are active during the day and sleep in the evening. A quiet room, set off from the main community living area by shoji screens, provides a haven for individuals who become anxious or agitated. It also provides a place for families to visit privately, or residents to exercise. The community area, with a cozy fireplace, provides space for games, puzzles, conversation and dining. While visitors come and go through a main entry area, staff can come and go discretely through the country kitchen, thus not disrupting and distracting residents. This small detail is something the staff values highly.

    ArchitectAmenta Emma Architects
    ContractorCE Floyd
    Landscape Architect: Didona Associates
    PhotographyRobert Benson Photography