Embryo Clinic + Offices

  • area / size 3,875 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Thessaloniki, Greece,
  • Type Clinic, Fertility,
  • MALVI designed the high tech IVF unit Embryo Clinic + offices located in Thessaloniki, Greece.

    Embryo Clinic is a hi-tech IVF Unit based in Thessaloniki, Greece, a new extension added to 160 sqm of preexisting offices and exam rooms in a gynecology clinic. We were asked to design a space that would properly reflect the high-value, state of the art nature of the expertise and technology employed inside the—usually out of sight—laboratories, projecting an appropriately matching sense of reassurance and professionalism throughout. By making use of bright white, polished materials we decided to promote a minimally subtle aesthetic, to design a pure, unique and pristine environment for the visitors and staff.

    Throughout the reception and visiting areas, the white spaces shift the attention towards the visiting couples, providing an ideal backdrop, whereas the curved lines enhance the sense of fluidity during an otherwise rigorous multi-step process. By taking into consideration the behavioral and psychological aspects of the patients, the materials employed, as well as the design principles, change in order to adapt to each specific need and respective mood. This becomes instantly apparent in the recovery room, where smoother, more tactile materials are used in combination with warmer colors to assist the swift physical and emotional recovery of the patient, while any hospital references are dialed down to a minimum. Similarly the sperm collection room, is designed as a surprisingly calm sanctuary, with its dark colors in sharp contrast with the rest of the clinical areas. The visitor here feels completely isolated from outside distractions, while every minute detail has been carefully integrated into the design in order to assure a dignified and private session.

    The operating theatre and laboratories are constructed with Corian walls and ceilings so as to conform to a cleanroom’s high standards, providing a no-maintenance, high quality environment.

    Four years later the business had grown significantly, and more space was required to facilitate meetings and administrative procedures.

    We were asked to create a space where visitors from different countries could be invited to participate in meetings and private consulting sessions. The main objective was to design areas that serve this goal, while maintaining a sense of security and privacy, through an otherwise open, well-lit and non-confining configuration. Administration offices also had to be integrated with the above in harmony, in a non-intrusive way.

    Its curvy design has strong references to the overall feel of the existing clinic space, while answering the specific needs of this new space in terms of ergonomics and daily workflow.

    The main feature of the welcome area is a large curved surface, which hosts the four meeting spaces that can facilitate visitors from the different countries the practice serves.

    The administrative manager’s office is designed as a multi-purpose, flexible space, that can also host brief staff meetings when needed. The expansion also includes space for two separate offices. Particular care has been taken to ensure that members of staff can work efficiently, in a pleasant environment, without unnecessary distractions.

    Diffused lighting, transparent glass separators and hidden storage spaces, all contribute to creating a comfortable, uncluttered and soundproof working environment. The result: a relatively small space which can accommodate the required number of people without feeling at all confining or crowded.

    The chosen colour combination is a reference to the brand identity of the main clinic. The furniture is white, serving as a link to the predominantly white space of the clinic areas. Blue, which had been included in the brand identity to underline the integrity of the practice, has also been used here. Both hues are combined with grey, which helps create a comfortable, stress-free environment that allows staff to be focused and productive.

    Overall, this is an open and well-lit space that feels larger than its actual size, and reflects the transparency and integrity that are fundamental values of the prestigious fertility clinic.

    Design Team: Maria Malindretou, Panos Voulgaris
    Photography: Giorgio Papadopoulos