Dinbar & Dinbar Dental Clinic

  • area / size 2,368 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • T+R studio designed the Dinbar & Dinbar Dental Clinic located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    The Dinbar & Dinbar practice is located in Tel Aviv it’s a professional dental clinic with a Modern, clean and comfortable look and feel. The practice – owned by 2 equally passionate doctors and brothers: Dr. Micha Dinbar and Dr. Ariel Dinbar.

    The mission for T+R studio – was to design an advanced and innovative expert dental clinic, with a contemporary, inviting and bright appearance. The design style is clean young elegant and contemporary with a high-tech atmosphere.

    At the entrance on the entry level, guests arrive at the welcoming reception area, opposite to the main waiting area. This salon at the center makes the waiting experience pleasant and relaxed. The colors and materials are natural; cool alongside warm, and art paintings by an abstract complementary painter adds tones of blue to the space. The warm natural wood floor, next to the white walls and with the lights fits into the clean clinic.

    A large window with 15-square-meter is the main natural light source for the clinic. In order to support the natural lighting, a variety of lighting fixtures have been adapted, giving the illusion that the space is much larger and open than it is.

    Further to the entrance floor, there are treatment rooms, doctor’s offices, teeth brushing area, toilets and laboratory, as well as an operational space. The treatment rooms are carefully designed according to detailed instructions of the doctors, with dedicated furniture, precise distances, supporting equipment, technology, lighting and storage solutions. In the rooms where children and youth are been treated, the decorative design chosen are very friendly.

    Behind the reception area are the wooden staircase, leading to the second gallery floor. The double space make an interesting point over the salon. The gallery floor lead to the X-ray area. doctor’s office, the staff relaxation and kitchen space with their shower.
    The shades of light, materials and natural tones chosen are part of the clinic’s philosophy of focusing on providing personal and intimate treatment to clients.

    The result is a striking space that welcomes clients with a sense of appreciation and value for their health, as well as for the business.

    ArchitectT+R studio
    Design Team: Tali Rozenshtein, Rakefet Goldfarb
    Photography: Amit Geron