Spectrum Health – Spectrum Str!ve

  • area / size 4,000 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Type Clinic,
  • Ghafari Associates has designed the healthcare facility Spectrum Str!ve for Spectrum Health located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Concept Design partnered with Spectrum Health to design a new concierge healthcare facility in downtown Grand Rapids to also double as a community space focusing on healthy living. Str!ve is the first downtown walk-in clinic for Grand Rapids and caters to the busy lifestyles of the downtown professional as well as the urban dweller.

    Expansive glass storefronts and inviting interior views capture the attention from the busy streetscape. Once inside, the patient or client is greeted with a “techy”, modern, and comfortable blend of functional design. The retail and marketing zones lead back toward a flexible space that is subdivided into more intimate discussion zones, but can be incorporated into the larger group meeting area.

    The exam room design is centered on the patient. The room functions as both exam room and practitioner office, meaning that the doctor stays with the patient throughout the visit, educating them through the healing process. The patient room is designed to resemble a stylish office, including wood cabinetry, Corian countertops, a glass tile backsplash, and even a chandelier. Instead of an intimidating patient chair, a recliner that morphs into an exam table is included. Medical equipment, that can oftentimes cause anxiety in patients, is hidden behind a cabinet door.

    From start to finish, the patient experience is relaxing and efficient. The design aesthetic is fresh and modern, while respecting the original building character. Str!ve brings a new approach to healthcare.

    ArchitectGhafari Associates
    Photographer: M-Buck Studio