Sophie’s Place

  • area / size 990 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Mesa, Arizona, , United States
  • MHTN Architects designed Sophie’s Place, a music therapy facility located in Mesa, Arizona.

    In memory of their talented and beloved daughter Sophie Barton, Anne Marie and Kent Barton had a dream of providing a therapeutic musical experience for children in hospitals suffering from pain, illness, and injury. “Sophie’s Place” is a music therapy facility being developed in hospitals throughout the United States. With support from the Steve Young Foundation, this unique program allows therapists to help young patients to cope while receiving treatment. Patients can experience, compose, perform, record, and enjoy music while taking steps to heal physical and emotional difficulties.

    Located in Cardon County Children’s Hospital in Mesa, Arizona, this is the third Sophie’s Place built inside a children’s hospital in the U.S. The design is relaxed, happy, and comforting while the selected materials are durable enough to meet the maintenance needs of a health care facility. The space includes state-of-the-art space for music therapists to offer group and private music therapy sessions. Features include a recording studio, listening station, and practice room while cheerful colors and comfortable mobile seating are incorporated along with displays of instruments and recording equipment.

    Designed with a venue feel, Sophie’s Place achieves warmth and interest including displayed and hanging instrument components, large-scale graphic art, and stage lighting that exemplifies the healing power of music. The design features multiple colors of LVT flooring that were used to simulate a weathered wood look, youth-inspired and uplifting wall murals, and display and conversation areas – all adding character and well-being to the therapeutic space that embodies the mission of musical experimentation, conversation and performance.

    ArchitectMHTN Architects
    Photography: David Schacher Photography