Cedars-Sinai – Playa Vista Physician Office & Urgent Care

  • area / size 31,532 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • ZGF Architects were engaged by Cedars-Sinai to design the Playa Vista Physician Office and Urgent Care clinic located in Playa Vista, California.

    The Cedars-Sinai, Playa Vista Physician Office & Urgent Care is designed to appeal to the generationally diverse local community. Providing convenient access to high-quality, patient-centered services close to where people live and work, the new clinic serves as a prototype for Cedars-Sinai as they expand their service offerings and develop new ways of delivering enhanced medical care throughout the Los Angeles area. Community-based clinics like this one are also being tested by the client in an effort to reduce patient travel time for healthcare, to ease Los Angeles road congestion, and to positively and powerfully impact the overall health of the community.

    Centrally located at an outdoor mall with restaurants, shops, and a movie theater, the 31,532 SF clinic consists of three floors, each offering a specific healthcare service—Urgent Care, Primary Care, and OB/GYN + Pediatric Care. New technology and innovative care models are integrated into highly efficient yet flexible floor plans, allowing the space to easily adapt to changes in technology and care delivery models. Ensuring that the clinic is engaging and inviting for users, the expedient nature of the floor plans is cloaked with an upscale palette of colors and materials more traditionally seen in a boutique hotel. The hospitality-style design is further underpinned by science and technology, with lighting designed to enhance human performance and wellbeing, and custom, upscale furnishings and finishes developed using highly durable, healthcare-compliant materials.

    Urgent Care resides on the second floor and will feature a landscaped terrace garden, providing a visual distraction and place of respite for patients and staff, as well as a space where larger groups can be hosted for wellness events, staff meetings, presentations, etc. Primary Care is housed on the third floor and OB/GYN + Pediatrics on the fourth floor. Beyond the comfortable reception and waiting areas, which include dedicated children’s waiting areas, the clinic includes exam and procedure rooms, care team work areas, specimen handling rooms, x-ray and triage rooms, as well as offices, a conference room, call center, and staff kitchen and breakrooms.

    Focused on the experience of both patients and staff, every element of the clinic’s intuitive design is intended to promote staff productivity and patient comfort—creating a welcoming, supportive environment for all users.

    ArchitectZGF Architects
    Contractor: TIS Construction Services
    Photography: Tim Griffith