UCSF Medical Center – Ambulatory Care Center 5th Floor Heart & Vascular Clinic Renovation

  • area / size 10,000 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Taylor Design designed the new Ambulatory Care Center 5th Floor Heart & Vascular Clinic Renovation for the UCSF Medical Center located in San Francisco, California.

    The 5th Floor of the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) Building offers sweeping views of downtown San Francisco all the way to the tips of the Golden Gate Bridge. The 10,000 square-foot space houses the now consolidated UCSF-Parnassus Heart & Vascular services ambulatory programs.

    The interior clinic space was designed to reflect the contrast of the urban city view with the lush greenery of the surrounding park. The use of contrast is also demonstrated by the “on-stage/off-stage” concept that delineates the public facing spaces from the staff and clinician-only spaces.

    Furniture and finishes mirror both the natural hues of the park (brown, green, and yellow) and the monochromatic hues of the city (silver, grey, black, and white). The reception desk itself acts as a reflection of the city. The silver texture pattern of the ceiling and light fixtures resemble clouds and evoke a sense of the fog that hangs over the city and the bright sunshine that breaks through.

    The raw concrete columns were left exposed inside the space to contrast the warm wood utilized on the entry wall. Large patterned panels of glass were placed between the wood planks to reflect the breathtaking exterior views and break up the long runs of wood.

    Artwork used throughout the space drew inspiration from the graphic style of x-ray images of items found in nature. Color tones used in the furniture, artwork, and accent paint are deep, highly contrasting, and bold. Resin panels used in the corridor and exam rooms protect the space from wear and tear.

    Circulation improvements included adding a secondary access corridor for staff providing a secondary entrance into the exam rooms. Clerestories were introduced in most exam rooms to bring as much light as possible in from the exterior windows.

    The staff lounge, later dubbed “the treehouse,” was placed in a window-filled corner room nestled in the lush trees and landscaping outside. A large open room titled “the hub” was used for touch-down space for clinicians. A flexible conference room can be converted into two smaller consult rooms when needed. Key project goals included consolidating the client’s Heart and Vascular services ambulatory programs at one location, improving patient and caregiver satisfaction by creating a comfortable and attractive environment, improving satisfaction and efficiency of caregivers and staff by creating a space that promotes a logical workflow, making optimum use of the panoramic views to benefit the patients, their families and the staff, and developing the project in a participatory but efficient process by including insights from key stakeholders – staff, patients and caregivers but adhere to scope reflected by the project program.

    A patient tracking system was implemented to enable faster response times. The on-stage/off-stage layout allows for privacy, direct access from touch-down space to patients, easier access to the caregiver, and provides areas of respite for the clinician.

    ArchitectTaylor Design
    Construction: Dome Construction
    Photographer: Michael McLane