Baptist Miami Beach – 709 Alton Road Outpatient Clinic

  • area / size 120,000 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Miami, Florida, , United States
  • Type Clinic,
  • Perkins+Will was tasked with the design for Baptist Miami Beach’s 709 Alton Road Outpatient Clinic located in Miami Beach, Florida.

    Alton Road on Miami Beach is a thriving commercial corridor serving an active, pedestrian-focused community and giving rise to a number of new and modern buildings in recent years. The 709 Alton Road Miami Beach Outpatient project respects the character of low-rise commercial activity along Alton Road, while contributing to the more contemporary context populating the corridor. Most importantly, the building design responds to the needs of the local neighborhood as a retail and medical office building which focuses on community health and wellness.

    The project consists of 60,000 SF of interior spaces and 60,000 SF of parking. The facility has a variety of services including urgent care, primary care, diagnostic imaging, same-day GI center, physical therapy, physicians’ offices and retail space.

    Addressing the street on the ground level is a transparent façade revealing an interior “main street” with retail spaces and waiting areas which support an active streetscape, including an expanded sidewalk and outdoor seating. In addition, the ground floor hosts the “heavily equipped” departments, such as imaging and GI center. Imaging components includes X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone densitometry, CT and MRI. The GI center has three endoscopy rooms and one operating room, plus pre and post areas.

    Likewise, the top floor of the building is transparent with circulation and activity focused along the commercial corridor, including patient education spaces, conference and training areas, as well as lobbies, lounges and circulation zones.

    Physical therapy is located on level three, with direct access to the parking garage as well as a balcony for outdoor use. Outdoor space for physical therapy is also available on the roof terrace.

    Primary care and urgent care services are collocated on the fourth floor to allow shared resources, such as x-ray, lab, and administrative areas, and flex spaces in off-hours. Physicians’ offices and a community resource room also populate this level.

    Above, with access from all levels, is a shaded roof terrace and garden, contributing to the health and wellness focus of the project, as this exterior space is programmed for physical therapy and rehabilitation. All parking and services for the building are located on the interior floors to maximize access to and from the active building components, street, sidewalk, and roof garden.

    ContractorOHL North America
    Photography: Robin Hill