Mayfair Diagnostics Coventry Hills

  • area / size 5,000 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Location Calgary, Canada,
  • FRANK Architecture completed Mayfair Diagnostics Coventry Hills in Calgary, Canada with intentionality to avoid a clinical feel.

    Our client came to us with the challenge of designing a diagnostic imaging clinic unlike any other in the country. In collaboration with healthcare professionals, employees and patients we worked towards a design for the healthcare facility that did not feel ‘clinical’, but rather offered privacy, warmth and comfort. By using the same highly considered design approach as in our many hospitality projects, we envisioned the clinic to offer an exceptional user experience, reducing the stress and anxiety of a medical appointment. Through the co-creation process we derived a deep understanding of human behavior and patient needs, which we then translated into guidelines for physical spaces. Through the purposeful application of lighting, signage, brand graphics, materials, fixtures and form, we have created a holistic experience to welcome, engage, and comfort out patients, partners and employees. We used materiality, texture and architectural detailing to establish an atmosphere that would offer an elevated experience. With the help of our graphic design consultants, we established creative way-finding and interior graphic elements to instill comfort and reassurance, allowing patients to navigate easily through the space.

    ArchitectFRANK Architecture
    Contractor: Madaroch Construction Ltd.
    Photography: Jamie Anholt