AMITA Health Foglia Family Foundation Residential Treatment Center

  • area / size 16,000 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Illinois, United States,
  • Eckenhoff Saunders Architects transformed an existing space into the AMITA Health Foglia Family Foundation Residential Treatment Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

    An existing 24-resident group home, formerly occupied by the Alexian Brotherhood, was re-purposed as a 48-bed behavioral health residence for patients struggling with OCD, anxiety and substance abuse. This renovated facility serves as an important intermediary step between hospital treatment and immersion back into daily life. The renovation transformed a multi-room residence into a supportive environment for treating behavioral health issues. Patients can heal in a reassuring, thoughtfully-planned environment that is practical for behavioral treatment but does not compromise the residential and hospitality-like character of the design. The facility contains a variety of public and private spaces that are flexible to suit a range of activities and include group therapy rooms, consult rooms, art therapy, virtual reality spaces and a self-serve dining and breakout space. The former garage area has been converted to a highly functional back-of-house zone that provides a centralized point for meal preparation, ware washing, laundry and private office and break space for the staff.

    ArchitectEckenhoff Saunders Architects
    ContractorWalsh Group
    PhotographyMariusz Mizera