St. Joseph’s Judy Dow Alexander Cancer Center Addition

  • area / size 66,000 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) finished the St. Joseph’s Judy Dow Alexander Cancer Center Addition located in Ypsilanti, Michigan to create more space for expanding needs.

    This cancer care expansion was designed to provide a space suited for evolving research and education in oncology while also accommodating the facility’s significant patient population expansion in recent years.

    Serving as a clear landmark on the campus, the glass curtainwall design was created to stand out and provide natural lighting throughout the facility. This design denotes its independent identity while the steel structure and interior brick still seamlessly connect it to the core of the surrounding campus. Upon entry into the main atrium, a large glass skylight provides ample natural lighting through the high-traffic area as patients receive a concierge-like oncology-care experience with a separate entry and exit. An addition of a grand stair was designed to provide clear orientation and promote healthy choices for staff and visitors.

    One of the most differentiating attributes comes from a new interior approach, making the patient’s navigation seamless. The interior consists of fewer walls to make the facility open rather than maze-like and reduces the feeling of a “clinical” experience for patients. The second floor consists of 38 exam rooms and 22 private bays all centered around a kitchen, mimicking a coffee shop environment for optimal comfort. The bays overlook the serene healing garden, one of the many significant exterior improvements added through the creative landscape design enhancements. The healing garden is an outdoor space for calm reflection filled with hedges, trees, and boulders from the nearby shores of the Great Lakes.

    ArchitectHarley Ellis Devereaux (HED)
    ContractorGranger Construction
    PhotographyJohn D’Angelo