Northern Arizona Healthcare – Camp Verde Campus

  • area / size 26,200 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Type Clinic,
  • HGA designed an expanded clinic at Northern Arizona Healthcare for their Camp Verde Campus to grow their capabilities in Camp Verde, Arizona.

    Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) serves more than 700,000 people annually in six locations throughout an expansive 50,000 square-mile region.

    When planning its new Camp Verde outpatient clinic, NAH teamed with HGA to conduct extensive research to address current and future community needs that included a growing focus on preventive care and wellness. The highly interactive predesign process began with community-focused, multimedia surveys to understand system-wide awareness and current perceptions. This was followed by focus groups with community leaders, physicians, and patients to gather additional feedback on design ideas and healthcare services needed in the surrounding region.

    The predesign research identified demographic, economic, and cultural factors that influenced facility design and programming. As a community with deep agrarian roots, community members emphasized the need for urgent care, expanded primary care services, outdoor shady spaces with views of the red rocks and white hills, a walking trail, larger exam rooms, and improved therapy facilities.

    The 26,000 square-foot, one-story facility nearly triples the size of Northern Arizona Healthcare’s original Camp Verde Clinic to include a primary care suite, expanded clinical suite for EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine, imaging, laboratory services, eyecare, Community Care Network to help patients transition home from the hospital, diabetes education services, centralized registration in the main lobby, and on-site helipad. Architecturally, Camp Verde incorporates regional materials to create a connection to local history and culture, including limestone used for centuries in Native

    American settlements, and copper-like metal referencing the history of mining. In addition, 120 newly planted indigenous trees create a half-mile walking trail through the campus to encourage community activity and healthy lifestyles on campus.

    Architect: HGA
    Design Team: Amy Douma, Joe Rolfes, Chris Garey, Emanouil Spassov, Theodore Lee
    ContractorKinney Construction Services
    PhotographyBill Timmerman