Elone Schneider Vontobel Children’s Emergency Unit

  • area / size 5,381 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Porto Alegre, Brazil,
  • Cassiano Arquitetos Associados were tasked with designing a space for all aspects of pediatric care for Elone Schneider Vontobel Children’s Emergency Unit in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

    The new Elone Schneider Vontobel Children’s Emergency Unit represents the relentless pursuit of Hospital Moinhos de Vento of promoting a fast, excellent and complete service.

    A comprehensive study was conducted for Hospital Moinhos de Vento, which involved a spatial assessment of all services that make up pediatric care: Intensive Care Unit, Cancer Unit, Cardiology Unit, Pneumology Unit, Gastroenterology Unit, Orthopedics and Traumatology Unit. The outcome of this study resulted in a new space with 500m² of area to Children’s Emergency Unit and was designed with the goal of centralizing pediatric care in one place and providing a positive experience for the patient. Through an agile and fully integrated system with all other areas of the hospital, the patient is classified according to its clinical severity and has access to medical evaluation, examinations and hospitalization whenever necessary. In addition, with the expansion of physical space, it has the capacity to perform an average of 120 medical care per day, directly impacting the reduction of patient waiting time.

    The spaces were designed to reduce the negative impact of a hospital stay, the rooms are airy, combining playful with functional. Several strategies for reducing stress were used in the development of the environmental graphic treatment of the space. The atmosphere is composed by the characters of the Moinhos Team: Pedrinho, Minako and Thiago. They help the small patients to become familiar with the hospital environment, representing the reception of the institution through the enchantment and making their stay more peaceful and comfortable. Each office has a different character, which seeks to interact with the children.

    Another important point of the project was the correct organization of the flows, in order to clarify the circulation of doctors, patients, supplies and waste products. From de Reception Room, a space with toys and activities for children, the patient accesses the Screening Room and its referred to the clinic where it will be evaluated which treatment is necessary. Severe diseases patient have direct access to the Emergency Room, and do not cross with patients with simpler diseases.

    All the lighting is LED, was used color temperature 3000k at reception and 5000k in the procedure rooms. The rubber floor covering has the same design as the luminaires.

    ArchitectCassiano Arquitetos Associados
    Design Team: Paulo Cassiano, Neca Schertel, Gustavo Cemin, Fernanda Barrera, Caren Scholz
    Photography: Leonardo Lenskij