University of Minnesota Physicians – Mill City Clinic

  • area / size 16,000 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Type Clinic,
  • Studio BV was tasked with designing a space extending the principals of the existing Mill City Clinic at the University of Minnesota Physicians in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    The vision and approach for the next generation of the Mill City Clinic, is rooted in the mission to serve patients and the community in new and more meaningful ways, including education, expanded access, new specialists, community programs, education, and research. This new space embodies the values of the clinic, while solving work flow issues for care teams and enhancing patient experience.

    Building on the brand of the existing clinic, the expanded clinic uses art and light as key moments throughout the space. A connection to the community is more visible on 9th Avenue and at the building’s most prominent corner that features a flexible gathering space. Mill City Clinic care teams, UMNP staff, community members and patients use this space. Its flexibility lends itself to expanded areas to wait, to learn, to meet, to relax, and for after hours programming and to generate more revenue and philanthropic engagement.

    Connection, both internally and externally, is also important to the Mill City Clinic to maximize operational efficiencies as well as create a sense of community. The connections made in the staff lounge and lobby space are boundless. Having places for care teams to work, connect with each other and engage in different ways to the community is the key to creating new pathways for wellbeing and community engagement.

    Opportunities to showcase art are provided throughout the space, not only in the lobby, but also in new areas throughout the clinic. This strong focus on art, brand, and light helps inspire the staff, patients and community as they move throughout the space. The transparency of activity in the flexible space is a symbol of UMN Physicians’ commitment to community engagement, wellness and innovation.

    ArchitectStudio BV
    PhotographyCorey Gaffer