The Kids Clinic

  • Completed 2019
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • Tamaros Design completed The Kids Clinic, a thoughtful space often missing in the healthcare world, located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    The Kids Clinic in Tel Aviv reflects the holistic vision of it’s two founders – Dr. Segev-Dumai & Dr. Greenfeld. The Kids Clinic is a place where, during a checkup, parents can have an open discussion about anything that impacts the child, his parents, and even the grandparents are invited to join the conversation. The design is an attempt to respect the multigenerational elements that make families healthy. The vision, as always, was both the opportunity and the challenge: creating an atmosphere that invites a wide array of patients.

    One must keep in mind that this is not an ordinary office or commercial space – people come here when they’re in pain, feeling ill many times after a sleepless night. The design attempts to make room for impatient, restless toddlers waiting to be called in as well as pregnant women who are here for prenatal care. A young mother that had trouble breastfeeding and a hungry baby waiting to see the lactation consultant. All these sensitive elements come to play when you design for multiple stakeholders: attention span, color schemes, how to enable natural lighting in every space, and most of all the patients comfort without ignoring the doctors that spend so many hours in the clinic, making it their second home.

    It took three months of planning, tearing down, making choices, placing orders and drinking way too many cups of coffee – together. Now, when they have settled in their renewed, illuminated, full of color, adjusted to everyone’s needs – looking at the pictures I have to admit this is one of the projects that touched me more deeply than anything I’ve done in recent years. And I know exactly why: the clients’ trust – Trust is everything; the open dialogue – knowing when to stand their ground and when to relent to my assertion.

    ArchitectTamaros Design
    PhotographyShiran Carmel