Advocate Outpatient Center Lakeview

  • area / size 49,000 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Type Clinic,
  • HDR was tasked with transforming an old building into the Advocate Outpatient Center Lakeview in Chicago, Illinois.

    The design team converted that section of the neighborhood into a bright, health-conscious community beacon complete with fresh landscaping, attractive fencing, and benches for passers-by. An adjacent parking garage not only prevents patients and visitors from having to park far away and walk to the outpatient center, but also ensures that increased patient traffic doesn’t crowd streets for neighborhood residents, while increasing traffic to the area.

    The design team worked closely with contractors and fabricators to elevate ordinary materials using simple techniques: subtle brick projections amplified by the sun; precast concrete masonry units of varying aggregate colors and sizes, derived within the limitations of standard fabrication methods; and perforated corrugated metal panels laid out using maximum panel sizes to minimize cost in both material and installation. These elements fit into the existing Lakeview neighborhood’s personality while the expanded services to improve access to quality healthcare lie beneath.

    The center serves the growing healthcare needs of Lakeview and neighboring communities, with room to expand as demand for primary care continues to increase. Expert cardiologists have a large presence in the outpatient center, complemented by on-site lab and imaging services. Its innovative, patient-centered design includes a hotel-like lobby and many consumer conveniences to enhance the patient experience.

    Photography: Tom Harris