UW Health Heart & Vascular Center at ProHealth Care

  • area / size 37,000 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Eppstein Uhen Architects designed a more streamlined and collaborative space for the UW Health Heart & Vascular Center at ProHealth Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    Working closely with doctors, nurses and staff, EUA designed a variety of spaces looking at their uses from all perspectives. Beginning with the moment a patient walks in, they are welcomed into a bright daylit waiting area with a single reception point to check-in; this clearly identified and streamlined check-in solution, reduces patient and family stress from the onset, in turn improving patient experience.

    Throughout the building a neutral color palette and natural materials establish a calming atmosphere. Simple touches like a wood-like slat ceiling element, green and blue glass elements along the windows and textured glass that imitates rainwater allow for privacy while also filtering in natural light. A unique acrylic resin with birch images in the waiting area evokes a calming, nature feel as well as acts as a way-finding beacon throughout the building.

    Improvements for the staff included a centralized nurses’ station with enhanced workflow to help reduce their travel distances between patient rooms and the nurses’ station. This improved efficiency allows increased interactions between patients and staff within the 28 exam rooms they monitor. By removing offices and creating collaboration zones, nurses are closer together and now regardless of which department they serve, there is equal distance to get to each of them from the collaboration spaces. With a staff-only balcony, they are able to take mid-day breaks and get some fresh air. During off-hours, staff are encouraged to use the rehab gym to promote their own wellness.

    ArchitectEppstein Uhen Architects
    PhotographyC&N Photography