SCL Health – Platte Valley Medical Center

  • area / size 17,000 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Boulder Associates completed the Platte Valley Medical Center for SCL Health for more space and function throughout the new extension in Brighton, Colorado.

    This project was a build-out of an existing shell space to create a third floor, 28-bed medical/surgery unit at SCL’s Platte Valley Medical Center (PVMC). With the program already in place—mimicking the second floor—the goal was to improve upon the lower floor’s design to bring a premier patient experience to this smaller community east of the Denver metro area.

    The uniquely curved and lengthy space posed an initial challenge. Our team worked with SCL staff to come up with a solution which ensured a focus on both patient- and staff-centric aspects of the project.

    Highlighted by abundant natural light, each patient room features ample space for visiting family members. Rooms are designed for ease-of-use by both staff and patients. Further improvements include: the addition of a sliding door instead of a swinging door; moving the charting station to the side of the bed; moving the visitor’s couch to create space on the outward facing side of the room, leaving the entry area clear for staff.

    There are four nurse stations located throughout the lengthy space. Diagonal halls with adjacent office space, as well as comfortable waiting areas for families and visitors, cut across the floor to create quicker access across the long hallway.

    For the interior design work, the focus was on the quality and quantity of artwork as well as environmentally based, prairie-themed graphic design work, analogous with the building’s eastern Colorado location. The corridor artwork was commissioned by local artists, a highlight of which is a piece made from cloth donated by the staff of PVMC. Both design and construction periods went smoothly, and the project was finished on time and under-budget.

    ArchitectBoulder Associates
    PhotographyEd LaCasse