Lancaster General Hospital – Seraph-McSparren Pediatric Inpatient Center

  • area / size 20,000 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • Stantec thoughtfully designed the Seraph-McSparren Pediatric Inpatient Center to serve pediatric patients at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    The new Seraph-McSparren Pediatric Inpatient Center is focused on creating a warm and comforting experience for young patients and their families. Traditional core areas, often treated as separate rooms, have been designed as one large space. The greeter, parent lounge, pantry, play area, and teen spaces are comingled in an open interactive flexible space while floor patterns, color, and changes in ceiling heights create visual interest and division of space. Interactive elements have been introduced throughout the unit to provide intuitive wayfinding as well as introduce age appropriate diversions for the patients and their siblings.

    Special attention has been given to creating care teamwork areas that promote collaboration amongst the clinicians in both open and enclosed settings. Offering the choice of both seated and standing work surfaces, these areas take into consideration staff health. Liberal use of glass allows patients to maintain visual contact even when staff are in a private setting.

    Every effort was made to make the patient family feel comfortable during their stay on the unit. The family center includes a stocked pantry with snacks and toiletries, parent showers, and laundry facilities. Additionally, a private respite room is available for family use. The 17 private patient rooms feature generous family space with a sofa that turns into a bed for two as well as other comfortable seating and worksurfaces.

    Architect: Stantec
    Contractor: Benchmark Construction
    Photography: Jeffrey Totaro