Liren Women and Children Hospital, Yinchuan

  • area / size 182,986 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Yinchuan, China,
  • Type Hospital,
  • Robarts Spaces completed the Liren Women and Children Hospital in a place known as the oasis in the west desert, Yinchuan, China.

    This is a remodeling project, and the original building was a Chinese style hotel. Liren Women’s Hospital is positioned as a high-end hospital. In order to create an environment that provides excellent health services and soothes the emotions of patients and their families, we adopt the design method of retreating the garden in the building, so that all the rooms are connected to the natural landscape to the greatest extent. Thus successfully we have altered the traditional cold impression of the hospital to a warm and serene sensory experience. The use of neoclassical architectural styles makes the rich details, straight lines, stone and metal contrast effects fully demonstrate its high quality connotation.

    The unique geomorphological features of Yinchuan, the desert, the Yellow River, the blue sky and the oasis together coherent with the artistic conception of the Huangsha Yuansai Shuitianhuan that are all introduced into every corner of the indoor space created a three-dimensional appearance of the oasis is presented. Smooth lines run through the hospital’s lobby, clinic, pharmacy, inspection, surgery, and ward. It represents the blue of the deep sky and the sparkling gold of the Yellow River, interweaving the main color of the hospital.

    The hospital follows the advanced evidence-based and salutogenic design concept, echoing the international high-end hospital design standards. Despite the many constraints and unfavorable factors in the remodeling, through sophisticated and deliberate design consideration, the hospital provide assurance to the patients under emergent circumstances, such as the Green access channel connecting the OR and the delivery room. The narrow corridor width of the original building was enlarged by rearranging the room to meet the double-parallel beds requirements. All materials are safe, environmentally friendly, skid and wear resistant. In order to ensure that the space is suitable for pregnant women and children, the details of wall furniture are rounded.

    The rhythm of the river and sand dunes is repeated throughout the space. The soft and delicate natural light adds a sense of closeness to the space, and the blossoming orchids on the walls are pleasing.

    This new hospital will correspond to the unique environmental landscape of Yinchuan in a simple and natural way, and will become the pioneer amongst the local healthcare providers.

    Architect: Robarts Spaces
    Photography: Boris Shiu