Houston Methodist West Hospital

  • area / size 228,000 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Houston, Texas, , United States
  • Type Hospital,
  • Page was tasked with completing the second phase expansion of Houston Methodist West Hospital in Houston, Texas.

    Houston is located in Harris County, one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Page planned for the area’s projected rapid growth during the hospital’s original design phase, over 10 years ago. Therefore, the construction of the 228,000-square-foot addition seamlessly integrated into the existing design. It allowed for 95 more patient beds and 22 more emergency rooms, as well as a larger maternity ward and medical imaging center.

    Houston Methodist West Hospital prides itself in its forward-thinking, hospitality-like design and believes controlling noise levels is a key factor in how patients perceive their visit. The hospital did not want a bustling unit to sound or feel that way. They know a quiet atmosphere contributes to more satisfied patients.

    Page addressed these sound control concerns, met durability requirements, and created the desired aesthetic by using specific ceiling tiles with boosted acoustic performance. Areas with patient rooms feature ceiling tiles that contain sound-blocking mineral fiber. In lobby areas and open spaces Page chose high-end, high-density ceiling materials that aid in sound absorption that contribute to the high-end, visually pleasing look and feel.

    The coordinating smooth finishes allow the new addition to feel like a natural offshoot of the original building. This helps Houston Methodist West Hospital continue its objective of removing the sterility that is inherent in many traditional healthcare facility designs. The resulting design feels more like a hospitality space, making the patients and families more comfortable.

    Architect: Page
    Ceilings: CertainTeed
    Photography: Geoffrey Lyon