Maida Smiles Clinic

  • Completed 2019
  • Location London, England,
  • Pedra Silva Architects has expanded its global healthcare portfolio after completing the Maida Smiles Clinic in London, England.

    PSA Founding Partner Luis Pedra Silva said the latest Maida Smiles deal showcases the firm’s personal and bespoke design solutions involving acute attention to detail, which have helped drive success.

    We were recruited by Maida Smiles to deliver a unique and memorable design concept for their high street premises in Maida Vale. It needed to be visually engaging while promoting the personality of the clinic. This required a progressive and sophisticated design concept in keeping with the advanced cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics work which takes place there.

    The design inspiration is based around our interpretation of ceramic dental implants which are commonly used in restorative dentistry. This took the form of more than 500 hand-crafted ceramic discs which cover the walls in a honeycomb-style cluster, providing a modern, clean and clinical edge. The design also features a hidden curvilinear door leading to the main clinical area which effectively disappears when shut blending back into the wall.

    We wanted the reception area to communicate with the outside walkway and flow into the public space. The ‘wrap-around’ ceramic wall design with curving corners helps bring movement and provides connection and continuity to the outside realm. The reception desk itself is made of concrete which joins this element to the floor and ceiling while limiting the use of excessive materials.

    Another key aspect involved the technical side of the design within the actual dental theatre. Over the years we have built up a deep understanding of workflow, equipment and procedures within world-class surgical and operating areas. There are many factors which must be carefully considered in these live working environments, including careful management of space and the free-flowing movement of surgical teams and patients. Practical and ergonomic solutions for technical equipment, instruments and waste disposal are also fundamental and must work seamlessly with any design concept.

    The overall result for Maida Smiles is a minimalist, free-flowing design which maximises the use of space. The custom-made ceramic wall and iconic furniture also work in tandem to create an interesting dynamic affecting surfaces, light and reflection.

    Architect: Pedra Silva Architects
    Photography: courtesy of Pedra Silva Architects