Doctor U.

  • area / size 409 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Type Clinic, Pediatric,
  • Ater.architects was tasked with creating an enjoyable space for wellness checks at Doctor U. in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Our main task was to create an atypical atmosphere for the medical institution, which does not leave negative memories in children and thus does not program them for further fear of visiting a doctor.

    The patients admission principle is based on the idea of minimizing the intersection of flows and limiting the simultaneous stay of visitors in the outpatient clinic.

    The space is divided into a waiting area, two pediatric rooms, and a sanitary room.

    The rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the full-scale pediatrician attendance, but all the attributes of therapeutic activity are hidden in the specially equipped storage areas. This solution enhances the non-medical atmosphere and reduces the stress of visiting a doctor.

    For a visual combination of all premises and creation of additional comfort, the wood texture wall panels were used. The panels height not reaching the ceiling was chosen intentionally. This technique levels different height of the premises; thus, the proportionality of volumes relative to a child’s perception was achieved.

    Translucent structures between the premises were used to increase natural lighting in the rooms and create more open and friendly space.

    The floors throughout the clinic were made in a homogeneous coating with a high class of resistance to abrasion and sanitation. The light colors were intended to emphasize the feeling of purity and sterility of the clinic.

    Design: Ater.architects
    Photography: Alexey Yanchenkov