Olsen Almeida Dermatology

  • area / size 10,763 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Betty Birger Arquitetura & Design was tasked with completing the Olsen Almeida Dermatology to expand their services in São Paulo, Brazil.

    1000,00 m² is the size of this clinic by one of the greatest dermatological laser specialists in Brazil, Dr. Guilherme de Almeida Olsen, who hired us in 2019 to set up a clinic and a day hospital on the roof of a commercial building in São Paulo. One of the main reasons for choosing this space, in addition to being a triple A building, was the fact that the core of the elevators is located in the middle of the floor allowing for two separate opposite entrances, thus organizing the flows perfectly. On the south side and with the best view, we have the clinic with the exclusive entrance for patients. On the north face with restricted access to medical staff, nursing, supplies and waste is the surgical center and utilities.

    Three service centers were set up in the clinic area, each consisting of a physician’s office, a comfortable bathroom/ dressing room and 3 “satellite” procedure rooms, all of them with a view and direct natural lighting.

    The surgical center, designed to meet all the standards of health surveillance, has all the necessary utilities: nursing station, pharmacy, anesthetic preparation, purge, sterilization and 2 recovery beds.

    Our proposal was an organic project to remove the austerity of a layout with 16 rooms aligned side by side. The curved shapes brought delicacy and took the monotony of the space – each room has a different format, bringing a new experience for patients at each new appointment.

    Glass doors with sandblasted film and polarized glass partitions bring daylight to the internal flow, also indirectly illuminated through crown moldings that accompany the organic walls, turning the paths a lot more pleasant. Trees appear here and there halfway, bringing warmth to the white and minimalist space.

    The large reception desk and the internal nursing counters are true works of art designed to fit the clinic’s organic layout. The colors appear strongly in the pictures scattered throughout the clinic. Behind the reception, a large curved glass panel separates public and private space and announces what is to come.

    Architect: Betty Birger Arquitetura & Design
    Contractor: Brandao & Marmo Engenharia
    Photography: Renato Stockler