Warren Clinic

  • area / size 12,800 sqft
  • Completed 2015
  • Type Clinic,
  • CallisonRTKL utilized natural light and Saint Francis branding to complete the Warren Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The CRTKL team worked alongside Warren Clinic to turn the typical clinic setting inside out. Using a modular approach, traditional waiting rooms are removed and the clinic is set up with an on-stage and off-stage approach. On-stage, visitors enter the clinic into a gallery space and are escorted to decentralized waiting areas outside each exam room. These gallery spaces and waiting corridors are filled with natural light and views to the exterior, allowing a better experience to patients and visitors. Off-stage, staff home teaming areas are designed for collaboration, for direct access into each exam room, and for separation from patients and visitors. This ensures patient confidentiality and staff efficiency.

    Using natural light as a primary driver, the clinic’s modular approach maximizes visual access to exterior gardens and light for both visitors and staff. Designed around an interior theme of “Light from Above,” daylight occurs from the moment visitors enter the clinic, through a light filled gallery. While waiting for their visit, patients have direct views to the exterior with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Inside each exam room, natural light enters through clearstory glass above. In the home team area for staff, natural light floods the space through skylights that run the entire length of the space.

    The color pink, a dominant feature of the Saint Francis brand, was incorporated into the design. A glass wall infused with patterns of pink tones is prominent on the exterior of the clinics, and serve as a visual icon for each site. The “pink wall” reinforces the Saint Francis legacy and its connection to the community it serves.

    Architect: CallisonRTKL
    Photography: Roy Aguilar