University of Adelaide South Australian Dental Service Hospital

  • area / size 48,438 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Adelaide, Australia,
  • DesignInc in collaboration with Cox Architecture worked with the University of Adelaide to design the new South Australian Dental Service Hospital located in Adelaide, Australia.

    The project is comprised of 90 dental chairs, laboratories, biomedical engineering facilities, tutorial support spaces, plus medical administration areas. The new hospital provides improved access to state of the art dental services in a more efficient footprint than the former facility.

    Located on the upper floors of the 12-storey University of Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building, the design takes advantage of exceptional views to the north overlooking the River Torrens and North Adelaide parklands. The open plan layout features dental chairs with clear sightlines, providing excellent passive and active supervision of students and patients.

    Patients, dental students and staff all benefit from natural daylight and views that reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. In addition to general dental, specialist services are available for adults with special needs or complex medical conditions.

    The state-of-the-art facilities have enhanced the University’s position as a centre of excellence in oral health, delivering internationally recognised research and education. The new facility has allowed the school to modify its clinical practice model to provide expanded year-round services. Next-generation dentists complete their training under the supervision of skilled dental experts in a facility located at the heart of South Australia‚Äôs rapidly evolving health and biomedical research precinct.

    Design: DesignInc and Cox Architecture
    Photography: Sam Noonan