ReFuture Clinic

  • area / size 2,906 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Type Clinic,
  • YoDezeen Architects designed ReFuture Clinic to match the mission of the brand as a forward thinking healthcare professional in Kiev, Ukraine.

    The new aesthetic medicine clinic ReFuture in Kiev was implemented in 2019. One of the main tasks of the clinic is to bring medicine of the future and a health culture to Ukraine, while ensuring exceptional privacy and service. When designing the clinic, architects conducted extensive research to determine the basic needs of both clients and doctors. The YODEZEEN team used all their experience, unique knowledge and the latest technologies to create a space in which customers would feel comfortable. The mission and values ​​of the clinic played an important role in interior design. The authors of the project decided to beat the new standards in medicine with the help of modern materials and innovative solutions. So, the waiting area for visitors with a green wall and the reception area with the conceptual sculpture Rain from artist Nazar Bilyk became dominant in the interior of the first floor.

    Special attention was paid to the unusual staircase zone, completely lined with travertine. The high-class work of the masters made it possible to integrate the most non-standard solutions: structural connections, complex nodes and joints.

    Work on the project took place in close collaboration with the customer and the head doctor of the clinic, so each zone turned out to be not only aesthetic and functional, but also sophisticated in terms of medicine. Each office is a small high-tech laboratory equipped with advanced tools.

    Design: YoDezeen Architects
    Design Team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Artem Voskoboinik, Anya Tarabanova, Anton Bіytsev
    Photography: Andrii Shurpenkov