European Medical Center

  • area / size 165,764 sqft
  • Completed 2012
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • ABD architects designed both the building and the interiors of the European Medical Center located in Moscow, Russia.

    The authors added bright colors to traditional white color scheme of hospitals. The dominant feature of the entrance area is the bright green reception desk, and the ceilings of the long blind corridors are painted in a positive yellow color. The ceiling lamps in the corridor built in a single line are hidden in a recessed niche, so they are not visible, and the space is actually illuminated by the white walls themselves, reflecting their light.

    The unique feature of the project is the original lighting solution of the “psychological relief room”. It is located on the ground floor and has no windows. To compensate for the lack of natural light, the architects came up with backlit walls behind custom-made panels. The ceiling with built-in light inserts in the form of uneven spreading spots serves as a psychological accent. Cleverly playing on the famous Rorschach psychological test (assuming the interpretation of various types of blots), the “spots” not only fill the room with light, but also make it visually as spacious and comfortable as possible.

    Design: ABD architects
    Photography: Sergey Ananiev