New Mexico Orthopaedics Clinic and Physical Therapy

  • area / size 68,000 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Type Clinic,
  • SCOUT design completed the transformational design for the New Mexico Orthopaedics Clinic and Physical Therapy located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    In addition to high-quality care, patients include their experience as part of their physician decision equation. Recognizing this shift, New Mexico Orthopaedics (NMO) put the needs and wants of their patients at the forefront when designing a space that could redefine the healthcare experience. NMO undertook a major renovation of a former Montgomery Wards department store for their new flagship clinic. In what was formerly part of the Winrock Mall, this new clinic focused on transforming the patient experience by re-envisioning the “office visit.”

    The design of the 68,000sf clinic space is organized in support of a redefined patient workflow. Wayfinding empowers patients to guide themselves through the clinic and is supported by state of the art technology. Patients are encouraged in their recovery process, with visual connections to physical therapy, and movement is emphasized throughout the space. The project capitalizes on mountain views and natural light and showcases the existing iconic concrete structure. The three internal clinics are organized around effective staff communication and visual connection and limiting the distance between providers, assistants and patients for a more comprehensive flow.

    NMO’s decision to be a part of revitalizing the formally abandoned retail mall was driven by its lasting value as a community landmark. This project has added momentum to the mixed-use redevelopment vision for the area. Since NMO has moved in, two additional healthcare tenants have also leased space in the development. With traditional “mall” retail on the decline, NMO offers a powerful example of how these spaces across our country can be reclaimed, repurposed and offer value again to their communities.

    Design: SCOUT design
    Wall Graphics: Kistner Group
    Photography: Matto Photography