Boulder Creek South Ambulatory Surgery Center and Medical Office Building

  • area / size 42,495 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Salem, Oregon, , United States
  • Type Hospital,
  • TVA Architects were tasked to complete the biophilic design of the Boulder Creek South Ambulatory Surgery Center and Medical Office Building located in Salem, Oregon.

    In response to research that shows a positive impact on the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems through biophilia, we integrated natural light and views into the spaces as a way to reduce stress.

    Inheriting a site design from an earlier land-use application, the Boulder Creek South ASC & Medical Office Building came with several predetermined parameters that drove building placement, site circulation, and massing. These fixed physical constraints created a challenging parking layout and the necessity of splitting the building program into two floors, atypical for an ambulatory surgery center. Our innovative approach, locating staff lockers on the second floor and creating a sterile, connecting stair, required approval by jurisdictional authorities to ensure adherence to specific infection control protocols, but proved to be an efficient solution to a tight condition.

    Adding windows to several of the surgical suites, incorporating the warmth of wood, calming palettes, and emphasizing connections with nature were all essential to the design. With thoughtful consideration of the floor patterns and the incorporation of the owner’s personal art collection, the spaces reflect a sense of care and well-being.

    Design: TVA Architects
    Photography: Christian Columbres