Rodzina Outpatient Clinic

  • area / size 21,527 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Inowroclaw, Poland,
  • Type Clinic,
  • EGO-STUDIO was tasked with creating a functional space for the patients and staff at Rodzina Outpatient Clinic in Inowroclaw, Poland.

    EGO-STUDIO Design has been commissioned with a comprehensive interior design project for the “FAMILY” clinic in Inowroc┼éaw. This clinic is providing daily medical care to local residents living in a medium-sized Polish town. This facility is located in the new, 3-storey housing estate with a private parking lot. It offers access to general practitioners, medical specialists and basic medical services and procedures. There is a plan for further expansion, aimed at providing a surgical ward and two operating rooms.

    The aim of the project was to design the common spaces and offices, so that both the patients and medical team can enjoy a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The design process was preceded with the staff and management consultations, as well as audits in other facilities of this type owned by the investor.

    Thanks to some well designed solutions, the interior is functional for both patients and the staff. The large entrance hall is bright and spacious. Wide corridors ensure comfort when waiting for an appointment. The subdued colors, white and delicate gray combined with the color of a natural wood create a calming atmosphere. Each floor has been given its own dominant color, which helps with spatial orientation, especially for the elderly. Custom designed registration counter and original wooden panels on the walls give the facility an original character.

    Visual communication is an integral part of the project. The leading direction for the photos used in the corridors is to present warm relationships between family members, captured against the background of nature.

    There is a separate children’s ward on the ground floor. The interior features elements designed for small patients. Children’s motifs appear on the walls and spatial miniature houses filled with toys.

    This local clinic used by all of the residents is a place where they can take care of themselves and their family’s health on a daily basis. We believe that by implementing our project, we have contributed to the reduction of stress, especially in small but also in elderly patients.

    Design: EGO-STUDIO
    Photography: courtesy of EGO-STUDIO