VitreoRetinal Surgery – Edina Clinic

  • area / size 15,000 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Type Clinic,
  • BDH aimed to create a multi-functional space for VitreoRetinal Surgery located in Edina, Minnesota.

    Serving as a regional clinic and the company’s clinical research headquarters, the environment was designed to contribute to efficient research practices and be a comforting place for patients.

    As patients enter VRS, they are welcomed into an inviting lobby full of natural light and beautiful views of Centennial Lakes Park. The pink noise present throughout the lobby and the felt panels located directly above the reception desk work together to mask and absorb sound allowing patients to feel comfortable sharing personal information with clinic staff when checking in for their visit. Patients can choose between warming up by the fireplace or taking in the beautiful sights as they anticipate their designated appointment time. The deep blue tones saturating the walls and carpet reflect the lake outside the large windows and create a calming effect meant to alleviate any feelings of anxiety. From the reception area, the efficient layout seamlessly guides patients to the clinical areas required for their visit. With sub wait rooms differentiated from one another in color and design, patients won’t forget which room to return to should they need to step out. When the patient appointment is complete, strategic wayfinding elements including patterned flooring and elegant pendant lighting located at corridor intersections lead patients back to appointment scheduling and the clinic exit.

    The patients aren’t the only users that benefit from the new clinic design. The offices dedicated for research and business operations are positioned on the glass to provide the medical personnel with substantial amounts of natural light and amazing views all day long. The efficient layout reduces travel time for staff and provides easy access to exam rooms, which allows the practitioners to complete patient visits in a more productive manner and spend more time advancing clinical research.

    The combination of the efficient flow, biophilic design, and prominent wayfinding elements contribute to a positive patient experience and, ultimately, support VRS’s primary goal of providing compassionate care to all patients.

    Design: BDH
    Real Estate RepresentativeExcelsior Advisory
    Contractor: Greiner Construction
    Photography: Pete VonDeLinde