Riza Clinic

  • area / size 1,076 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Type Clinic,
  • Aquadrado Arquitetura worked with Riza Clinic to deliver a space of well-being and healthcare for their location in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Well-being and healthcare were the main objectives when creating the concept, and soon after, the project for Riza Clinic.

    The materiality, furniture, and lighting offer an elegant space, with a graceful dialogue between organic and rectilinear lines framed by natural light and the trees that surround the building.

    In the attendance rooms, two moods are established, we brought synthetic materials and colors, for unconventional space, and in the other room, we created a more minimalist atmosphere where the natural materials and colors synthesize the message of sobriety.

    Design: Aquadrado Arquitetura
    Design Team: Renato Fregnani, Edney Silveira, Isabela Fregnani, Barbara Mattenhauer, Leonel Guimarães.
    Photography: Henrique Bastos