San Rafael Hospital – Gym San Juan De Dios

  • Completed 2020
  • Location Granada, Spain,
  • Paco Lago Interioriza completed a unique type of healthcare space at San Rafael Hospital’s Gym San Juan De Dios located in Granada, Spain.

    A gymnasium attached to a school, an assembly hall and an early care center, within a hospital that proudly displays the noble banner of San Juan de Dios. Projects all born from the dedication and sacrifice for others, whose mission we internalize to carry out the design of these spaces called to welcome, teach and care for so many people.

    Melting but not mixing external & internal patients in a comfortable place to make their treatments.

    White and turquoise textures, with glass as the main character to keep people visually connected, and also with an awesome lighting project, to avoid people feeling they’re under the ground.

    Comfort achieved through continuous flooring that cushions sound & impacts, neutral color palette, warm lighting at common areas, cold lighting on ‘workout’ spaces, and acoustic ceilings that prevents the reverb.

    Design: Paco Lago Interioriza
    Photography: courtesy of Paco Lago Interioriza