LAVA Dental Studio

  • area / size 1,400 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Riga, Latvia,
  • Open AD played with color, lighting and texture to ensure patient ease at LAVA Dental Studio located in Riga, Latvia.

    Inspired by the flow and movement of lava in its natural environment, our design for Riga’s new LAVA Dental Studio features floaty materials, earthy tones and textures. While a dental clinic must be fundamentally functional and sterile, that leaves plenty of room for creativity. There’s no rule that walls should be white, floors tiled and surfaces made of stainless steel, as long as the alternatives allow for easy maintenance and hygiene.

    We introduced elements like colour, lighting and texture to ease the patient experience and enhance staff wellbeing. Delivered in a relaxed environment, quality dental care should be a stress and fear-free experience. We therefore designed the reception area to encourage patients to feel more like clients at a beauty salon or spa. Above the reception desk, soothing projections show scenes of transformation in nature, hinting at how a patient should feel after their visit – positively transformed. The walk from the reception area to the treatment rooms is calming and sparks curiosity rather than tension.

    Architect: Open AD
    Photography: Alvis Rozenbergs