Solle Clinic

  • area / size 1,506 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Type Clinic,
  • STUDIO SHOO was given the job of creating a stylish, yet functional space for the Solle Clinic in Moscow, Russia.

    The main goal for the team of architects was to find a perfect balance between medical requirements and an aesthetic component. It was necessary to comply with all standards in order to obtain a specialized certificate. However, it was necessary to come up with an interior design that would correspond to the function of the place, and at the same time it would look decent and wouldn’t not associate with a typical clinic style.

    STUDIO SHOO’s desire was to create an interior design concept in a spirit of modern minimalism with simple forms, laconic materials and calm colors. Focus was on functionality, comfort, various lighting options and tactile sense.

    The key finishing material was small-format Italian tiles. The most evident piece is The Big Bang pendant lamp (by the Foscarini brand) in the reception area.

    Freestanding furniture from the Scandinavian factories Menu and HAY. The basic color palette – gray and cool blue, associated with spotlessness and refreshment.

    There are reception and waiting areas, five medical rooms and a sterilization room, a relaxation room, guest bathrooms, as well as a server room and a chef doctor’s office in the Solle clinic’s area.

    The interior concept is built on simple geometric shapes: graphical black light, straight wardrobes and reception, concise navigation. It was a mixture of different textures that became a key visual element in design which emphasized a variety of surfaces – rough concrete floor, smooth blue marble, cold metal and numerous lamps.

    As a result, STUDIO SHOO were able to work out a minimalistic space without redundant details using a mix of non-standard materials: marble, concrete and metal.

    Architect: STUDIO SHOO
    Photography: Alexander Volodin