Beverly Clinic

  • area / size 2,035 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Type Clinic,
  • Merge Architects strayed away from the traditional sterile look when designing a fresh space for The Beverly Clinic located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

    The Beverly Clinic, a new orthodontic office in Beverly, MA, is a part of Dr. Suren Chelian’s growing practice in the New England area. The new clinic presented a series of exciting design challenges: efficiently fitting a fully functioning, 6 chair office, into only 2000 sf; spatially addressing a long tunnel-like existing space with only one end of window exposure; creating a strong brand sensibility with a clear architectural language; and challenging the typical and often sterile look and feel of this type of program.

    Paying careful attention to the minimum requirements of each room, the plan is compact and laid out linearly to take advantage of the long and narrow existing space. The cellular layout is broken up by two larger programs, the reception / waiting area and the open treatment bay. Fortunately the existing ceiling height is soaring, which allows for these two zones to accommodate a pop up ceiling and vertically expand within the overall tight conditions of the clinic. The two elevated ceiling zones are carved into a series of wide scalloped profiles.

    This scalloped language is explored at various scales in the project, including the walls that surround the reception / waiting area. Utilizing a series of “off the shelf” wood cove moulding profiles, the reception area is lined to reinforce this architectural detail in the project. The natural ash tone of the wood cove moulding wraps the walls, built-in banquette seats, and reception desk, creating a warm and textured entry sequence for this clinic.

    Architect: Merge Architects
    Photography: John Horner Photography