Designed by SmithGroup, Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center underwent a two-phase project that modernized the campus, including a new patient tower, enhanced wayfinding, and patient-centered design.

XSculpt, a plastic surgery practice, relocated to Chicago with BOX Studios leading a Design/Build approach focusing on cost-effective architectural updates, lighting upgrades, and custom millwork within budget constraints.

AE Works integrated the Primary Health Facility addition at the Lebanon VA Medical Center seamlessly into the historic campus, creating a calming environment through thoughtfully designed spaces.

Idein Arquitetura designed an expansion for Hospital Unimed Litoral, focusing on neuroscience in architecture to enhance well-being, with attention to technical-logistical support and human-centered spaces.

Interite focused on revolutionizing research processes for Linear Clinical Research in Perth by introducing innovative solutions, to enhance efficiency, data security, and collaboration.

Archi-Tectonics designed Pearl Dental, a New York-based practice and laboratory, emphasizing wellness and cutting-edge technology with minimalist dentistry elements, and a modern aesthetic.

The J Dermatology Clinic in Bursa, designed by Setenay Erkul Architects, aims to bring in natural light and create a sense of purification and elegance through the use of monochrome colors, natural stone, and wall textures.

Contemporanea Arquitetura e Interiores designed HELP, a unique hospital in Brazil, with advanced technological and sustainable features, as well as elements of nature to promote a therapeutic environment.

RC Architects has designed a bespoke clinic in Mumbai that seamlessly combines dental and ENT care, with each room strategically divided and beautifully designed to create a healing and inviting atmosphere.

EVOQ Architecture designed the new Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre, which embraces the natural landscape and Inuit culture, with features such as a communal meeting place and warm, nature-inspired interior and exterior design elements.

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